Ambera Wellmann


Ambera Wellmann (b. 1982, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia) is a Mexico City and Berlin-based figurative painter. Boundaries and binaries between humans, animals and objects frequently morph or dissolve in her paintings, re-imagining the possibilities of the body and the space extending from it. Often working in pastels and a porcelain-like sheen, Wellmann teases out the tension of deconstructing desire as something both corporeal and abstract. The apple, like the fruit and leaves that appear in Seeding, is also a recurrent motif in Wellmann’s work: a form that is juicy and steeped in tantalizing lore. Wellmann’s work was featured in the 16th Istanbul Biennale as well as in recent and forthcoming solo exhibitions at MoCO Montpellier; Lulu, Mexico City; Projet Pangée, Montreal; MAC Belfast and Company Gallery, New York. This work is offered as an extension of her solo exhibition at K-T-Z, Berlin.

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