Cudelice Brazelton IV
Dark City


Cudelice Brazelton IV (b. 1991, Dallas, Texas) is a Frankfurt-based artist studying at the Städelschule. His work incorporates collage, fabric, and industrial and domestic products, producing textural works that record the distress involved in both artmaking and living in a Black body. Exploring themes of violence and the necessity of resistance, Brazelton views his work as a “bridge” between his personal reality and the shared reality of the Black community. His print Dark City, offered in conjunction with his exhibition Heavy Circuit at Ola Bunker, Frankfurt, incorporates an image of an overturned police bus that Brazelton originally posted on Instagram. Recontextualized within this collage, the image operates both as a comment on this cultural moment and on the distortions of media itself. Brazelton has exhibited widely at Galeria Wschód, Warsaw; Lodos Gallery, Mexico City; Jeffrey Stark, New York; DOC!, Paris; the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago; and SculptureCenter, New York.

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