Emma Rosenzweig
This fabric used to belong to another woman


Emma Rosenzweig (b. 1990, Copenhagen, Denmark) works between Copenhagen and Frankfurt, where she is studying at the Städelschule. A true multi-hyphenate, Rosenzweig works with film, photography and performance. Her work exists at the intersection of art and commerce and incorporates elements and inspiration from high fashion, analogue film and her own lived experience. As a young woman, working as a model and actress, Rosenzweig’s work circles around themes such as objectification of the female body,  jealousy, sexwork and loneliness. Rosenzweig’s dreamlike photographs and films recall the melancholy and wonder of girlhood, often capturing vaguely humanoid dolls in the throes of domestic languor. Rosenzweig is currently also at work on her first feature film. This print is offered as an extension of its inclusion in Dansk Magazine, in collaboration with Chart Art Fair.

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