Yves B. Golden
Erasure Report


Yves B. Golden is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, DJ and organizer. Her work is inspired by the sacred bond that exists between memory and physical objects. She recently co-founded the Herbal Mutual Aid Network, a grassroots organization providing free plant-based care for Black people seeking support due to the ongoing crisis of racial violence and injustice. Her collaborative and solo works have been exhibited at the Serpentine Galleries, London; New Museum, New York; ICA London; NADA Miami; Yaby Madrid; Springsteen Gallery, Baltimore; Caleb Bingham Gallery, University of Missouri and Raw Material Company Senegal. She is the author of the books of poetry Yves, Ide, Solstice (East Village Publishing) and Good Fist of Creation (Enes Publishing). This work is offered as an extension of the re-release of Good Fist of Creation.

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